By using the extensive VISIOVA product line of accessories you are not only enabled to assemble your frames without the use of any tools, but also to transport and store them easily and safely.

If you need a special bracket or connector for your project, the VISIOVA team will be ready to assist you at every step. Thanks to our in-house fabrication, we can quickly implement even custom parts.


ProductItem Number

4-Pin Connector

ProductItem Number
4-Pin Connector 60°VZ.01.4060
4-Pin Connector 90°VZ.01.4090
4-Pin Connector 135°VZ.01.4135
4-Pin Connector 180°VZ.01.4180

6-Pin Connector​

ProductItem Number
6-Pin Connector 90° TVZ.01.6090
6-Pin Connector 120° YVZ.01.6120

U-Pin Connector

ProductItem Number
U-Pin Connector 186VZ.01.4186

8-Pin Connector X

ProductItem Number
8-Pin Connector 90° XVZ.01.8090


ProductItem Number
Clamp 90°VZ.04.0010


ProductSizeItem Number
Fullsize992 x 496 mmVZ.02.992.496
Halfsize992 x 275 mmVZ.02.992.275


ProductLengthItem Number
M6x5050 mmVZ.03.0650
M6x7070 mmVZ.03.0670
M8x5050 mmVZ.03.0850
M8x7070 mmVZ.03.0870

Stacking Corners

ProductItem Number
Stacking CornersVZ.04.0000